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nerd league the magicians recap season 3 episode 5 a life in the day magicians syfy

Magicians Recap: S3E05 “A Life in the Day”

This The Magicians Recap Contains Spoilers for Season 3 Episode 5: “A Life in a Day” Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “I can’t stand it to think my life is going so fast and I’m not really living it.” Episode 5 of The Magicians’ third season really takes this to

magicians recap season 3 episode 2 syfy heroes and morons review

Magicians Recap: S3E02 “Heroes and Morons”

This Recap Contains Spoilers for The Magicians Season 3 Episode 2: “Heroes and Morons” As the title states, this week’s episode featured some heroes and some morons. Although, if we’re to be honest, it was more our heroes acting like morons as the quest for the seven keys

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