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Stranger Picks: By Chance or Providence

By Chance or Providence – Becky Cloonan By Chance or Providence, Becky Cloonan’s newest work, is a triptych exploring the intersection between horror, mystery, and the darkness that lies within the human heart. The three stories had all been published previously and are titled “Wolves,” “The

Southern Cross v. Dead Space

Like many people, I enjoy the thrill of being scared. While it might be a bit masochistic, there’s something intensely satisfying about a well-timed jump scare. It makes you want to curl up in the fetal position under your bed, and makes your heart feel

The Punisher #1 Review

As someone who loves action-packed, thriller crime stories, I am not quite sure why I have not been a reader of Punisher comics before. After watching the Netflix show, Daredevil, I became instantly intrigued by Frank Castle and knew I had to pick up some of

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