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Weekend Reads: Aliens: Dead Orbit #1

Aliens: Dead Orbit #1, James Stokoe Aliens: Dead Orbit might as well have been called Aliens: Everything Horrible in Outer Space. James Stokoe has crafted a wonderfully unsettling, violent, and claustrophobic extension of the Aliens universe. It’s also absolutely gorgeous. Stokoe’s use of color cleverly

Weekend Reads: Ether #2

Ether #2, Matt Kindt & David Rubín If you were to ask me what my favorite thing about Ether has been so far, I’d have to say it’s the stark juxtaposition between Earth and what lies beyond the portal Boone travels through. While earth is

Weekend Reads: Ether #1

Ether #1, Matt Kindt & David Rubín Well, it’s official. Ether is a weird, wonderful, magical tale, and it’s definitely one of my new favorite series. Boone Dias is a scientist (and an impressive detective) from present-day Earth who travels to-and-from the supernatural realm of Ether.

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