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Review: Do You Have to Be a Masochist to Enjoy Cuphead?

Cuphead Vitals: Genres: Platforming Action, Run and Gun, Boss Rush Consoles: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 Release Date: September 29, 2017 Developer: Studio MDHR Publisher: Studio MDHR Players: 1-2 (Local Co-Op) Price: USD$19.99 (Steam,  Xbox Live Marketplace ) USD$11.67 (GOG) ESRB Rating: Everyone +10 Are you

Konbini Life: Watch Out for this Quirky Dating Sim

Have you ever wondered what working at a Japanese convenience store feels like? Probably not. But Konbini Life, a game developed by 2BirdsGames, will make you wish you had. If you’re looking to waste away your summer inexpensively (like yours truly), I recommend taking a deep

Spider-Man Homecoming

Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

This Spider-Man: Homecoming review contains spoilers I walked into this movie feeling real salty. I’ve been salty about it ever since they canceled the last installment of The Amazing Spider-Man. Yeah, yeah. I know that all of you hated it, that Andrew Garfield was “too

Weekend Reads: Kids of Appetite

Kids of Appetite, David Arnold For weeks after finishing David Arnold’s fabulous debut novel, Mosqitoland, I speculated with fellow readers as to what it meant to be a Kid of Appetite. Was it an intriguing throwaway? Something that existed in Mim’s universe that we might

Review: Shin Gojira

In the realm of cinema, there are only two sonic cues that really get my heart racing. One is the ear breaking trumpets of the Star Wars theme that go off as the title goes soaring into the stars. The other is the ponderous footstep

Review: Luke Cage [Minor Spoilers]

I loved Netflix’s Jessica Jones. By the time I had finished watching it, it had become my favorite superhero show. The original and deeply engaging story, mixed with incredible acting, interesting characters, and excellent production made for a memorable first season. At its release, I

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