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Weekend Reads: River of Teeth

River of Teeth, Sarah Gailey Did you know that in the early twentieth century, Congress planned to fix America’s meat shortage by importing hippos and raising them in Louisiana’s bayous? I sure as heck didn’t. The plan sadly fell through though, and Americans went on

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Weekend Reads: Ready Player One

Ready Player One, Ernest Cline Although Ready Player One has been out since 2011, Ernest Cline’s sci-fi novel has definitely enjoyed a second coming after Steven Spielberg picked it up. The Ready Player One movie is out March 2018, which gives you plenty of time

Review: Arrival [Spoilers]

[Spoiler-infested waters. Swim at your own risk.] There was a time when Amy Adams lived a happy life. She got to sing and dance next to Patrick Dempsey after escaping her own storybook and got to be a princess in real life. I’d like to

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