Weekend Reads: Ether #2

Ether #2, Matt Kindt & David Rubín

© Dark Horse Comics

If you were to ask me what my favorite thing about Ether has been so far, I’d have to say it’s the stark juxtaposition between Earth and what lies beyond the portal Boone travels through. While earth is drab and dreary, Ether is bright, colorful, and inviting (despite its clearly rotten core). Ether #2 picks up right around where Issue #1 left us. Boone is miserable, smelly-looking, and presumably homeless here on Earth. But he doesn’t hang around for long.

Boone quickly reunites with his ape-like companion, Glum, and some essential backstory is revealed. Glum was once a slave saved by The Blaze, who was shot with a very specific species of “magic bullet” in the first issue. That’s right, species (emphasizing just how strange and truly wonderful Ether is). “To be capable of killing her,” Glum says. “Had to be someone real bad.” And Glum is determined to exact justice on that somebody when he gets his hands on them.

Boone and Glum set out for the city of Cockaigne, the land of abundance. For those who don’t know (I certainly didn’t), Cockaigne is from medieval myth and, according to Boone, plays into his theory that Ether is a construct of collective unconscious. It’s also where some really bad sh*it goes down. While visiting a business man who specializes in “magic bullets”, Boone and Glum are paid a visit by a rather sinister, and sinewy, looking creature. My guess is that they’ll make it altercation, but I can’t wait to read the next issue to find out how.

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