Weekend Reads: Loose Ends #1

Loose Ends #1, Jason Latour & Chris Brunner

If you need more proof that Jason Latour is king when it comes to gritty, slow-cooked southern mysteries, then Loose Ends should be at the top of your pull list. Sure, many before Latour have tried to capture the beauty and foreboding nature of the south in comics, but none have come quite so close. He depicts the south with a fairytale quality reminiscent of some of my favorite stories (Justified, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and True Detective to name a few). And on top of that, Loose Ends is absolutely gorgeous, no small thanks to Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi. But while I love everything about the story so far, I’m grateful that it’s only running for four issues. Some stories that can be told more effectively in four issues than ones told in twenty, or a hundred, and I get the feeling that’s exactly the case here.

It’s clear from the get-go that Sonny Gibson is, and has been, bad news. No one who lives alone in a trailer, or gets propositioned by an old “friend” to run dope to Florida, ever is. (Which is great news for me because that’s exactly the kind of character I love). And the last thing anyone expects him to do before getting the job done is step foot inside The Hideaway, a run-down, side-of-the-highway honkey, tonk to visit an old flame. The rest of the night goes exactly as expected: absolutely horribly, and ends in a death that left me reeling. And it takes a lot to leave me feeling. It’s the perfect hook to get readers buying the second issue, and you can bet I’m going to.

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