Weekend Reads: Loose Ends #2

Loose Ends #2, Jason Latour & Chris Brunner

© Image Comics

Issue 1 of Loose Ends is all about introducing the key players in Jason Latour’s four-part southern mystery. Issue 2, in a wonderful turn of pace, is mostly dedicated to telling their backstory. It becomes clear that Jason Latour has woven a tightly knit narrative in which every character presented plays an important role. In fact, Loose Ends is so tightly knit that all of the key players seem to know each other, whether they remember it or not. For Sonny Gibson and Cheri Sanchez, this is exactly the case. After the startlingly violent end of Issue 1, Sonny and Cheri are still on the road, and on the run, when she reveals that they share a past. What readers get next is a time jump of roughly ten years into the past to a party that might just be the catalyst for everything to come.

Sonny is, unsurprisingly, a stoner and a drug dealer. He’s also well liked enough to be dating the ill-fated Kim Dunn, who is – naturally – a cheer leader. Cheri is also a cheer leader and is dating Rex, a square shouldered, generically handsome football player. There’s trouble in paradise for Cheri and Rex though, and the fight that ensues culminates in one of my favorite panels in the whole issue. It’s simple, gorgeous, and exactly why I love Loose Ends so much. Sonny and Cheri are talking when their bare feet touch and a tiny spark passes between the skin-on-skin contact. The moment repeats at the end of the issue when Cheri reaches out to touch Sonny’s hand. And it’s those tiny moments that will keep me reading this series.

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