Weekend Reads: Moonstruck #1

Moonstruck #1, Grace Ellis & Shae Beagle

© Image Comics

Like most nerds, I love stories filled with monsters, mythological creatures, and a touch of romance. Luckily, Image Comic’s new ongoing series, Moonstruck combines all of the above (with the added bonus of Grace Ellis & Shae Beagle at its helm.)

In Moonstruck, fantasy creatures are living mundane lives alongside humans in the quiet, college town of Blitheton. Julie, a werewolf who likes to keep to herself, is striving to be the most unremarkable citizen of all. Julie has a normal job as a barista a local coffee shop.  She also has an almost-girlfriend who seems normal (though time will tell.) Then one day she and her best friend Chet (a ponytail-rocking centaur), accidentally stumble into a magical conspiracy.

Will Julie and Chet be able to save their friends? Or will Julie’s dogged (haha) determination to be “normal” become a hindrance in their quest? I can only presume that this question and more (like whether Julie’s girlfriend is human or not) will be answered in issue two of Moonstruck.

Weekend Reads is a Friday column of The Nerd League featuring nuggets of wisdom on the literary world. Our in-house galley virtuoso tends to have the scoop on stuff before it’s even out. To keep up with this week’s pick click here.  



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