Weekend Reads: Newsprints

Newsprints, Ru Xu

Here’s the thing– I don’t usually read Manga. I’m constantly reading comics and graphic novels, but Manga as a medium for story telling has never appealed to me in the same way. That being said, when Ru Xu’s clearly Manga -inspired debut, NewsPrints, showed up at work I decided to give it a shot. And boy, am I really, really glad that I did.

Part Newsies, filled with political intrigue, and truly all heart, NewsPrints tells the story of Blue, a young news boy who, in actuality, is a girl (Lavender Blue) struggling to keep her identity a secret in a war-torn world. Blue loves living and working with her friends at the Bugle (the only paper that printing the truth) but discovering who she is might take that all away from her. The Bugle matters more than ever to the people of the peaceful port city of Nautilene, so revealing her true self is a risk Blue isn’t willing to take.

When Blue befriends a reclusive inventor and a mysterious boy named Crow, she enlists the help of her friends (a young reporter, a canary, and an admiral’s daughter to name a few) to help save the pair from the government that wants them back. NewsPrints is as much about the importance of claiming your own identity as it is found-family and friendship. Fans of stories like Bone, Amulet, and The Nameless City will adore Blue and her friends, and will find themselves clamoring for more.

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