Weekend Reads: Rumble, Vol. 3

Rumble Vol. 3, John Arcudi & James Harren

© Image Comics

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here again: if you like comics (more specifically, comics with monsters in them) and you’re not reading Rumble,  you’re making a mistake. John Arcudi and James Harren are an unstoppable collaborative force, and Vol. 3 of Rumble proves it. Vol. 3 is 160 pages of action, adventure, a touch of romance, intrigue, and some gorgeous pinups from some of the best in the business.

Volume 3 picks up after the “resurrection” of Bobby’s mother. While their reunion is short and bitter-sweet, it does bring Bobby’s mother the closure she wants. It also brings Bobby and Timah closer together. I’ve shipped the heck out of Bobby and Timah since Vol. 1, and one of my favorite moments comes when Timah has a very 1980s, nerdy-girl-takes-off-her-glasses moment. Only, instead of trading her glasses for a prom dress, Timah trades her scrubs for Afrighid ceremonial dress and the look on Bobby’s face when he sees her is worth a thousand words.

Meanwhile, Rathraq is dealing with more than a few problems of his own. A vengeful monster is possessing  the warrior-god’s mummified body and wreaking havoc across the city. The results are some shocking, beautiful panels of “Rathraq” with all manner of weapons sticking out of his back. And with the Esu gathering their forces behind their queen, Scarecrow Rathraq has to decide whether to fight his body, or alongside it.

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