Weekend Reads: The Stone Heart

The Nameless City: The Stone Heart, Faith Erin Hicks

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Like a lot of people, I was a huge fan of the animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. And, like a lot of people, I was sad to see it go and constantly on the hunt for something to fill the void it left behind.

When I came across The Nameless City, I blew through the first book in a few hours and immediately read it again. It was action-packed from start to finish, full of wonderful characters, and had an Avatar feel to it that quickly helped patch the Sokka-shaped hole in my heart. I immediately wanted more… and had to settle for re-reading The Nameless City until The Stone Heart arrived. It was worth the wait of course and, if possible, is even more breathtaking than its predecessor.

Roughly three months have passed since Kaidu and Rat foiled the assassination attempt on The General of All Blades, but the Nameless City is far from achieving peace.  The Dao want power over the Nameless City, but find it difficult to follow more diplomatic solutions put forth by Kaidu’s father. To make matters more complicated, citizens of the Nameless City want nothing to do with the  Dao. When Rat reveals that she might know where the key to an ancient weapon is hidden, Kaidu must choose between honoring his friend’s secret, or the father that he barely knows. Either way, war is brewing on the horizon, and I’ll be interested to see where the next installment of The Nameless Series takes Kaidu, Rat, and their friends. What new adventures and perils await them? All that’s left to do is wait (and re-read.)

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