Westworld Finale: Twitter Reacts [Spoilers]

[Spoiler-infested water. Swim at your own risk]

Congratulations! You did it! You survived the S1 finale of Westworld without your brain melting out of your ears. To be perfectly honest with you, we’re still picking our jaws up off the floor here at TNL. Because, while the finale answered a whole bunch of our burning questions, it also ended with a Red Wedding-esque board meeting cliffhanger that has us wishing we could time-travel to 2018.

Is Ford really dead? What about our beloved Elsie and Stubbs (who, if you do a little digging on the Delos website, might still be alive)? What’s in store for Bernarnold (see what we did there?), Teddy and Lee? Is Logan dead or will we get to see him face off against William next season?  Why in god’s name did Maeve leave her gun on the train?! Will we get to see Felix, Hector, and Armistice again? And more importantly, will they see Maeve?

Needless to say, the first season of Westworld was nothing short of an absolute masterpiece. So much so that we’re not entirely sure what to watch next. As a means of coping with out emotions, TNL took to Twitter post-premier to round up some of our favorite fan reactions. And if you happen to have any theories please, PLEASE, feel free to share them in the comments section. We’d love to discuss them with you.

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