Where the Hell Is Everyone?

For the past three weeks, The Nerd League has been a near-barren land left to its own luck. It has faced Internet trolls, dwindling traffic, and a whole lot of apathy. Are we here to apologize? Not exactly. While 0.001% of you have been checking to see if we’ve had any new updates, I’ve been moving my ass from the non-beach area of Dominican Republic to a non-beach area of a Spain (i.e. Madrid).

So yeah, I haven’t had time to look over submissions, track down current writers, or contribute my own fair share of nerdy discourse. BUT I’M BACK. I’m still super tired, not used to everything, and burned myself with my hair straightener this morning. But then again, that’s about my regular level of functionality, even when I was back in our New York headquarters (also known as my dorm room).

In case anyone out there cares, the reason for my move (aside from the fact that Madrid is AWESOME), is that I’m back in school. As you might’ve heard me mention in the past, I can’t say “started from the bottom now we here” until I’m holding a Ph.D.

Of course, I didn’t come here just to offer pathetic apologies and toot my own academic horn. 

No. I’m also here to tell you what we’ll be covering for realsies this fall. Some stuff off the top of my head:

  1. THE PUNISHER (big Kastle fans over here)
  2. Stranger Things Season 2
  3. Mr. Robot
  4. Outlander
  5. Rick and Morty
  6. We’ll continue to cry over Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks, because yes
  7. Riverdale Season 2
  8. Kingsman
  9. Boku no Hero Academia

Aside from this list, we’ll be working on more History Gags and covering Heroes Comic Con Madrid.

I hope this kind of information is exciting for you. Our goal in life (currently) is to be back to our normal pace come October. When, you guessed it, Halloween will take over our platform.

I’m also taking this rant as an opportunity to remind you that you can follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). I promise we’re super fun, albeit sometimes inactive because we move overseas and forget we have a nerd site to keep up.

Sorry your editor is trash. I promise I do this for the greater good, or something.

Happy Nerding!



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